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In-Person Worship Service

We will be back to in-person services on 05/30/21 and we would love to have you worship with us. We will be implementing some guidelines and ask for your cooperation so that we maintain as safe an environment as possible.

  • If you are exhibiting any signs of Covid, please stay home.
  • Enter into the Sanctuary one family at a time. Sanitize your hands and wear a mask. Pick up a bulletin and hymnal. Choose a seat that maintains social distancing.
  • During worship masks will be worn at all times, including while singing. Offering plate will not be passed but will be available before/after worship. Communion will be celebrated on the first Sunday of each month in a new way.
  • Depart from worship one family at a time from the back to the front. Return your hymnal and do not linger in the building.
  • After worship all are invited for Fellowship on the lawn. Chairs and shade will be provided.
  • These guidelines will be evaulated and changed as needed.

We are planning to live stream the service on our Facebook page. Please go to  "Friends of Saint Paul Presbyterian Church". If you aren't able to join in person at 11:00, then please join us as we live stream.

If you'd like to be added to our church email list, please send us a private message via Facebook Messenger.

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