"I really don't like change"
On my way to church one Sunday morning, I started wondering why I chose to drive clear across town to go to church. Well, I had the answer to that question and told myself right away that I was going to my church because I liked it very much and had gone there for quite awhile and it was the only church I could feel that way about. It not only was a little distance from where I lived, but there was major road construction and slow speed limits, and lots of traffic to contend with on the way there. Aware of these problems, I started mulling them over in my mind and decided I would think about it anyway. Since I really don't like "change" in my life if I am mostly satisfied with the way something is going, I am reluctant to make a change. This attitude makes me "stuck" with the trip to church every Sunday morning. Nevertheless, my decision was not to change churches, but just to begin visiting churches closer around me. When I decided to visit closer churches and looked across the street, I SAW A was St. Paul Presbyterian Church. But I was not of that denomination!!! Now what? Another problem! Could it be that they were so very different in their beliefs? They believed in Jesus Christ. That was consistent. They believed in having love and compassion for one another. They believed in helping feed the hungry. They belonged to missions that our local citizens as well as the military and people in far off countries benefited. This would be my first visit to a different church and WHAT A SURPRISE WAS IN STORE FOR ME!! The church pastor, Walker Westerlage, is very personable, down to earth and a good communicator. He is always prepared and brings an inspiring message to his flock. When I got inside the church, I thought I must have discovered my long lost family because that's the way they made me feel. That's the way it was and that's the way it is today. They care about me and they'll care about you too. I'm not anyone special but they make me feel special!! As you can see, I'm still here, soaking up the love I can get and giving all the love I know how to give and being so happy about the decision I made in 2009. By the way, I never managed to visit another church after I decided my church family was here. Just you come along and you'll find out for yourself!!!
— Verna Eubank, 01/14/2018
"That experience made us want to go back for more!"
A few years ago I became very disillusioned with the organized church, and I still am in many ways. The hateful and judgmental thoughts, words, and acts that came from so many “so-called” Christians were so disheartening. Last summer (2015) Walker reached out and invited my husband and me to attend the Wednesday morning book study. We did visit and they were so very welcoming. That experience made us want to go back for more! At St. Paul we have encountered many friendly and supportive people, an intelligent and caring pastor, a fantastic music program and a wonderful plethora of mission and outreach projects. It’s so nice to be here!
— Yvonne Redelfs, 08/14/2016
We felt like this was what we needed in our life.
We came to Texas in 1977 due to a job transfer. Soon after, we bought a house in Watauga and started looking for a church in the area. We visited a few before coming to Saint Paul. Our first visit was memorable because of the friendliness and warmth of the congregation. Also, the service was different from our Baptist and Church of Christ upbringing. The message focused on the love not the wrath of God. We left the service with a feeling of peace. We felt like this was what we needed in our life. Overall, it was such a good experience we decided not to visit other churches. We continued to visit, became more involved and eventually joined. Our daughter Jennifer was baptized by Pastor David Northcutt. When she was growing up she made life long friends through the youth group and other church activities. We all have taken part in Saint Paul’s many community service and outreach programs. We are blessed to be members of a congregation that does so much for our community. We are still here for the same reasons we joined the church; the caring congregation and the uplifting message. At Saint Paul, we are family.
— Howard and Olivia Barlow, 07/06/2016
I found a church home
I was married in St. Stevens Presbyterian Church. The Dentist my wife worked for was a member at St. Stevens. We purchased our home in South Hills and soon joined Westminster Presbyterian Church in Southwest Fort Worth. When we moved to Haltom City, our attendance at Westminster came to a halt. I had only Sunday off and Westminster was several miles away. A friend of mine, Bill Towers, a member of St. Paul, lost his wife, Jean. Bill told me he would like to start going back to St. Paul, but he didn't want to go by himself. I told him I would go with him. That was over 20 years ago and I found a church home. I enjoy the activities that I have been involved with through the church. I like the size of the church and I really like the people of St. Paul.
— Jim Pharries, 07/06/2016
This was a church where we could feel welcome and become a part of the church community.
When my husband and I realized that we needed to move to North Texas to be closer to family, St Paul Presbyterian Church was recommended to us by our pastor at Youngblood Memorial Presbyterian Church in Robinson. We knew at our first visit that this was a church where we could feel welcome and become a part of the church community. During the times Duane was ill and then passed away, I felt the love and care of those we had come to love as our church family. I know Duane loved being a member of St. Paul and looked forward to hearing the sermons by Walker each Sunday and the music by our wonderful choir and organist. I continue to be a member of St. Paul because of the love and fellowship I feel each time I am in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall. I look forward to the sermon from Walker each Sunday, and his humor. The Outreach programs such as NEED, HELP, and opening up our facility to include the Templo congregation, I think, shows the compassion each member has for his/her fellow Christians. Every area I am involved in (Bible Study, Women's Circle, Potlucks, etc.) tells me that we made the right decision to become members of St. Paul Presbyterian Church, and I will never change.
— Norma Russell, 12/22/2015