St Paul Presbyterian’s Response to the Pandemic.


The challenge of today’s pandemic is not only medical, it is also profoundly spiritual. If in the past these situations of pestilence and plague were interpreted as a kind of divine retribution, today the challenge is certainly a more profound response. I do not subscribe to the interpretation of retribution: God is not out to get us, nor is he looking for payback. It is not; however, wrong to see this crisis of health as a call to renew our relationship to God and to share with him our anxieties, our need for his intervention.

We need to pray. We should avail ourselves of the privilege of God’s unfathomable deep relationship. Even if it is wise to cease congregating in numbers in churches, we should go to the Lord personally, in prayer and in spiritual intimacy with God. For our own welfare, it is important that we tell God our fears; implore both his intervention to rescue us from this pestilence. To ask for the grace to accept his will, and see this crisis through the eyes of faith.

St. Paul Presbyterian Church in North Richland Hills, via Session’ prayer, discussion, and vote; has suspended all church activities for an unknown time. We are seeking ways to stay in touch with social media on our website ( and on Facebook (Friends of Saint Paul Presbyterian Church). Members, please call on the phone and stay in touch. You may find out of a need that can be shared through the office, shared with the Session, and or the congregation.

 It is my privilege to pray for all of you and for all of God’s creation.


Rev. Walker Westerlage